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water level

[R] [soilDB] Plot Henry Mount Soil Climate Water Level data with precipitation data from nearest NOAA weather station

Lattice graph with time series of precipitation over time series of water level from October 2015 to June 2018. Data are from Maryland.

This is a demonstration of how to plot water level data from the Henry Mount Soil Climate database with precipitation data from nearest NOAA weather station.

It shows use of two new experimental soilDB-type functions for the NOAA API

  • get_NOAA_stations_nearXY() - find all stations near a specified lat/lng and bounding box (limit 1000)
  • get_NOAA_GHCND_by_stationyear() - get GHCND data (daily summaries) by station ID and year (limit 1000)

Note that using the NOAA API requires an API token specified as argument to above two functions. A token can be obtained for free at the following link:

Based on fetchHenry/fetchSCAN "Water Level and Precipitation" demo by Dylan E. Beaudette (

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