aqp 1.19 release and demos

Andrew G. Brown | 2020/01/27

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CRAN release: aqp (Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology) 1.19

Recent Changes

CRAN release aqp 1.19 (2020-01-22)

  • new functions: hzDesgn(), get horizon designations from a SPC
  • new functions: hzdesgnname()/hzdesgnname()<- and hztexclname()/hztexclname()<- get/set column containing horizon designations and texture classes
  • better error/logic handling for glom()


aqp::glom() demo

Here is a demonstration of checking cambic horizon texture criteria with glom() in SSURGO components from Yosemite National Park: -

aqp::estimatePSCS() demo

Here is a demonstration of validating particle size control sections (populated in NASIS Taxonomic History Table) against calculated new algorithm estimatePSCS().

The demonstration is made with pedon data from Sequoia National Park associated with the Mineralking soil series: -