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loafercreek - aqp profileApply() tutorial

This is a tutorial (worked examples and exercises) demonstrating use of the profileApply() function from the R package aqp.
UPDATE (2019/12): this link was directed to a very old version of this tutorial. The most refined version of this demo is on the ncss-tech/AQP webpage.

Drupal security update and more

Finally got around to updating Drupal core (7.5.6 => 7.6.0) ... now our doom is slightly less imminent.

In other news, there has been nothing but Git activity on this page since I made it. Hopefully will have some new things soon (on GitHub and otherwise).

I actually have some commits and unstaged changes (bad andrew!) on the work machine overdue for getting cleaned up and pushed to the sandbox.

That is all for now.

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